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Art from Togo

Akoete seems to be quite the little artist. I have received three separate drawings from him this year. It is always special and interesting to see what he shares with me.

2014 Amen Drawing from Letter 1

2014 Amen Drawing from Letter 2

2014 Amen Drawing from Letter 3



Watching Them Grow

Each time that I receive a letter in the mail from Compassion International, I always get excited, especially when the outside of the envelope contains these words — MESSAGE FROM YOUR SPONSORED CHILD. Many times there are notes from the children prepared with the assistance of a church worker, family member, etc. Recently I received updated pictures from two of the children — Anne in Haiti and Akoete in Togo.

I am so thankful to get to watch them grow!

Anne – Old and New


Akoete – Old and New