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Unexpected Blessings

I had expected from the start to write these children many letters and hoped to give to them in many ways by my prayers for them, and monetary gifts to support them. It didn’t take me long to realize that my relationship with the children was really going to be a two-way relationship.

I had expected to teach them, but they are also teaching me. In Akoete‘s first letter to me, he asked if I liked gboma sauce. I had never heard of it. His question caused me to do research and I now know that gboma sauce is a sauce made with gboma which is a green leafy vegetable, also known as the African eggplant.

I had expected to send notes to the children and tell them I love them, but they are already sending me notes telling me they love me.

I had expected to pray for the children, but the children and the children’s church family are also praying for me.

Teaching each other … loving each other … praying for each other … what blessings!




1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 2

And now there are nine! Nine children – that’s how many I support with a monetary commitment each month. But just as important as the monetary commitment is the commitment to communicate with these children on a regular basis – to remember them by keeping a regular correspondence to them going, to remember them on special occasions, and to continue to pray for them daily.

After deciding to sponsor Fredeline in December 2013, when the new year arrived I was so excited about sponsoring her that I wanted to do more. During the January timeframe, I chose three additional children from Haiti – first Chalanda, then Anne, then Anold. After choosing the four in Haiti, I must have been making up for lost time because the next month I decided to begin considering children in Africa. I started questioning myself as to how many children I felt I could comfortably sponsor now. I say ‘comfortably’ because a commitment to these children is a big responsibility. These children get so excited when they are chosen by a sponsor, and it is up to each sponsor to live up to his/her end of the deal. I knew I could do more. So in February I chose Rosine and Akoete, both from Togo, and Emeliya from Ethiopia. Then in March, I chose the final two – for now – Hasimat and Kigongo, both from Uganda.

These are the nine precious children I have chosen to support in my role as sponsor. I am happy with my decision to do this, and I only wish I had done it sooner!


My Sponsoring Decision

It all started last December. It was almost Christmas Day. After learning there would be no additional family members to join my husband and me on this holiday, I was feeling a little empty inside. I had recently joined a couple of friends for lunch, and one of them had mentioned  that she was supporting a nursing student in one of the African countries.  A lady in Sunday School had also recently mentioned that she and her daughter were supporting a girl named Brunhilda who lived in one of the Eastern European countries. Learning about their experiences, combined with my own inner urge to put more focus on others during the holiday season, helped spur me to start reviewing organizations which support children worldwide. After doing much research, I chose Compassion International. Getting on their website and viewing all the children’s faces and backgrounds was almost overwhelming — so many precious faces with so much need in so many countries. I decided to focus on the Haitian children. One by one I viewed their profiles … and then I stopped at Fredeline‘s profile. There was something about her smile that pulled me to her, and once I had seen her, I knew I wanted to sponsor her. That’s how my child sponsorships began.