Monthly Archives: January 2015

Happy Sponsor-versary to Me!

Today I received a sweet card in the mail from Compassion International wishing me a ‘Happy Sponsor-versary’.  The card included a picture of the first child I began to sponsor slightly over a year ago — Fredeline.

It was a special reminder of some of the tangible services that my sponsorship dollars have helped to provide for the children I support which include, as noted in the card, “medical checkups, nutritious meals, health and hygiene training, educational opportunities, and most of all — the hope of Jesus Christ.”

I have a joyful feeling whenever I think of the children I support. I have absolutely no regrets for the decision I made to support Fredeline and the others. The ‘Thank You’ card I received today is a nice reminder, but I have been receiving heartwarming Thank You’s all year in the form of the children’s letters to me. By my focusing on these children and wanting them to be blessed by my sponsorships of them, I too have been especially blessed!