Monthly Archives: July 2015

Part of My Family

I sometimes get concerned that by having this website it might appear that I am trying to focus on what I have done by sponsoring these children. This is certainly not my intent; even most of those closest to me do not realize I am a sponsor. Part of the reason I keep it private is because I truly do believe it is wrong to boast about Christian deeds, and I do not want my actions to appear that way. But I do also know it is important to get the word out so that more children can be sponsored. So that is the dilemma I have — being careful about overly sharing or hiding my lamp under a bushel.

There are two reasons I have this site:

  • To encourage others that may be thinking of sponsoring a child to actually do it
  • Because I consider these children to be part of my extended family – the large family I never had

I am so proud to tell the world about these children, not unlike parents who love to share news about their children. Sponsoring these children makes me happy and I want to share my happiness somewhere. In doing that, I hope that others will choose to do the same!