Monthly Archives: November 2014

The Older Ones

When choosing a child to support, there are no wrong choices. Each child needs someone to care enough to sponsor them through our gifts and communications to them. When I peruse through the potential children to support on Compassion’s website, there are so many cute little ones. Each young child certainly needs a sponsor. What I am appealing to today are the older ones, perhaps the not so lovely in pictures. These children won’t need our support for as many years in the future, but they need our help as much or perhaps more than the youngest children. Two of the nine children whom I support are at least fifteen years old. These two girls are the ones that are best able to send me letters which have always been very heartfelt. One lives in Haiti and one lives in Uganda. Because they require no assistance in writing their letters (except for translation), I have been able to get to know their own thoughts and have gotten to know them better than the younger ones whom I support. Each girl tells me that they pray for me and my family. They tell me their dreams and they tell me how thankful they are for me and my support.

So if you are considering supporting a child, whether it is your first or next child, please consider the older children. They need us too.