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Compassion App

I just installed the Compassion app on the new iPad I received for Christmas. I love it! It’s going to be so much easier to keep up with correspondence. Happy New Year!



Kigongo’s Dreams

I recently received a new letter from Kigongo. It was heartwarming to know how he responded to “In the future I hope to visit” as ‘my sponsor’. Who knows, it might happen someday.

Kigongo has big dreams and I hope and pray they work out for him. He says he wants attend the university and to be a doctor when he grows up.

Here’s a picture Kigongo drew in his letter to me.

“The house I will build …”


Keeping in Touch

I’ve been really busy over the last five months moving out of a home I’ve lived in for almost thirty years. Although I try to write to each child once monthly, I feel I’ve just not had/taken the time I normally have to stay in good communications with each of them. When I receive a sweet letter from one of them, it is a tangible reminder of how important it is to consistently write to each child. Sometimes the business of life gets in the way of the important things. I think it’s about time to write some more letters …