Letters Matter

Today I received a special handwritten letter from Fredeline. What she said in her letter was a reminder of how important the letters I write to the children are. Her letter to me was so long that she actually had to staple an additional page to the form normally used. It warmed my heart to read her words. I am sharing a portion of her own writing and the English translation below.

Fredeline‘s Letter Excerpts

2014 Francista Letter 2-A

2014 Francista Letter 2-B

English Translation –

“Today I feel so happy to be able to answer your letter finally. Above all, how are you and your family? I want to tell you that I am happy to be your sponsored child. I am glad to receive your letter and any other things because my first sponsors did not make so much effort to write me so often like you do. I want to tell you that I love you for that. I hope this feeling is strengthening throughout the coming years. It never snows in Haiti because it is a tropical country. For this reason it is almost warm during the whole year. I would like to see some snow, to feel how it is exactly. What do you do on snowing season? In my country Valentine Day is generally the celebrating with chocolate. But as for me, flowers and heart are more important to me. I really loved the song you wrote me on my birthday. It is funny!” …



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