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Wise Words #1

Enough said here …(found hanging at The Compassion Experience)

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A Local Experience

I was recently privileged to attend a local presentation of The Compassion Experience, Compassion International’s new interactive traveling display. The attendees were able to walk through three separate and realistic displays highlighting true stories of three children in three different countries — Uganda, India and Bolivia — and how their Compassion sponsorships have made such a positive impact on each of their lives. It was all very eye-opening and thought-provoking.

If you are considering sponsoring a child, this is an excellent event to check out the type impact you could make in a child’s life. If you’d like more information or to see if this display is coming to a location near you, check out the following –

Also check out the following Facebook page –

In future posts, I will share more photos from this event.

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Happy Sponsor-versary to Me!

Today I received a sweet card in the mail from Compassion International wishing me a ‘Happy Sponsor-versary’.  The card included a picture of the first child I began to sponsor slightly over a year ago — Fredeline.

It was a special reminder of some of the tangible services that my sponsorship dollars have helped to provide for the children I support which include, as noted in the card, “medical checkups, nutritious meals, health and hygiene training, educational opportunities, and most of all — the hope of Jesus Christ.”

I have a joyful feeling whenever I think of the children I support. I have absolutely no regrets for the decision I made to support Fredeline and the others. The ‘Thank You’ card I received today is a nice reminder, but I have been receiving heartwarming Thank You’s all year in the form of the children’s letters to me. By my focusing on these children and wanting them to be blessed by my sponsorships of them, I too have been especially blessed!


Christmas Letters

Since some of the children I support live halfway across the world, planning for Christmas has to come very early; I wrote a letter to each of my nine on October 11 in order to ensure the letters would be delivered during the Christmas season. Along with the letters, I was happy to also send each one a monetary gift. I will look forward to hearing back from them in order to learn how each of them spent the holidays. In my letters to them, I included this picture of the nativity set I have in my own home. Merry Christmas everyone!IMG_2776


The Older Ones

When choosing a child to support, there are no wrong choices. Each child needs someone to care enough to sponsor them through our gifts and communications to them. When I peruse through the potential children to support on Compassion’s website, there are so many cute little ones. Each young child certainly needs a sponsor. What I am appealing to today are the older ones, perhaps the not so lovely in pictures. These children won’t need our support for as many years in the future, but they need our help as much or perhaps more than the youngest children. Two of the nine children whom I support are at least fifteen years old. These two girls are the ones that are best able to send me letters which have always been very heartfelt. One lives in Haiti and one lives in Uganda. Because they require no assistance in writing their letters (except for translation), I have been able to get to know their own thoughts and have gotten to know them better than the younger ones whom I support. Each girl tells me that they pray for me and my family. They tell me their dreams and they tell me how thankful they are for me and my support.

So if you are considering supporting a child, whether it is your first or next child, please consider the older children. They need us too.


Unexpected Blessings

I had expected from the start to write these children many letters and hoped to give to them in many ways by my prayers for them, and monetary gifts to support them. It didn’t take me long to realize that my relationship with the children was really going to be a two-way relationship.

I had expected to teach them, but they are also teaching me. In Akoete‘s first letter to me, he asked if I liked gboma sauce. I had never heard of it. His question caused me to do research and I now know that gboma sauce is a sauce made with gboma which is a green leafy vegetable, also known as the African eggplant.

I had expected to send notes to the children and tell them I love them, but they are already sending me notes telling me they love me.

I had expected to pray for the children, but the children and the children’s church family are also praying for me.

Teaching each other … loving each other … praying for each other … what blessings!



1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 2

And now there are nine! Nine children – that’s how many I support with a monetary commitment each month. But just as important as the monetary commitment is the commitment to communicate with these children on a regular basis – to remember them by keeping a regular correspondence to them going, to remember them on special occasions, and to continue to pray for them daily.

After deciding to sponsor Fredeline in December 2013, when the new year arrived I was so excited about sponsoring her that I wanted to do more. During the January timeframe, I chose three additional children from Haiti – first Chalanda, then Anne, then Anold. After choosing the four in Haiti, I must have been making up for lost time because the next month I decided to begin considering children in Africa. I started questioning myself as to how many children I felt I could comfortably sponsor now. I say ‘comfortably’ because a commitment to these children is a big responsibility. These children get so excited when they are chosen by a sponsor, and it is up to each sponsor to live up to his/her end of the deal. I knew I could do more. So in February I chose Rosine and Akoete, both from Togo, and Emeliya from Ethiopia. Then in March, I chose the final two – for now – Hasimat and Kigongo, both from Uganda.

These are the nine precious children I have chosen to support in my role as sponsor. I am happy with my decision to do this, and I only wish I had done it sooner!